Teaching in a Post-Covid World


A few locations have been able to keep the virus under control and glimpse the end of the tunnel while Covid-19 and its aftereffects continue to wreak havoc in some regions of the world. One of the places where life has largely returned to normal in Hong Kong, where the daily number of new Covid cases has been routinely maintained at a low single-digit level since May 2021. This demonstrates the commitment the people of Hong Kong have to battle the illness. It could be time to take a break somewhere fresh if you are stressed out by the ongoing uncertainty or just tired of how the pandemic has been handled in your city. Some reasons why Hong Kong is a fantastic location to think about for teachers who are considering teaching.


Secured Positions in the Classroom

Schools in Hong Kong have taken proactive steps to guarantee that there would be as little disruption to learning as possible during the pandemic. Even though all schools were temporarily closed when the virus struck in 2020, the educational system was able to adapt by moving classes online right away. For teachers, this has opened up a wealth of online teaching options and made it easier for them to find employment during those challenging times. Because of this, the education industry was able to quickly recover and keep growing.


Modern classrooms

Hong Kong is a city that thinks of the future. Numerous universities have also creatively changed how they use their classrooms in response to the pandemic. Although all schools have again resumed their regular operations physically, the epidemic has made them more aware of the pedagogical possibilities of digital technologies. Virtual reality (VR) technology has even been incorporated into English teaching at some schools, giving students the chance to travel the world and expand their horizons without ever leaving the classroom. Hong Kong might be the spot for you if you’re the kind of educator who would want the chance to investigate how cutting-edge, immersive technology can benefit your students.


Public Healthcare Access

The availability of healthcare is among the most crucial factors to consider when an ex-pat relocates. This is especially important given how uncertain the times are right now. Hong Kong provides affordable, high-quality public healthcare to eligible people. A general outpatient consultation would cost HK$50 each visit, which equates to about US$6.50. Non-permanent residents of Hong Kong are also covered by the public healthcare system, in addition to citizens and permanent residents of Hong Kong. This indicates that you are qualified for access to public healthcare as soon as you arrive in Hong Kong with a valid visa and have gotten a Hong Kong ID card.


Good knowledge of hygiene and public health

As previously indicated, Hong Kong has had good progress keeping Covid-19 under control. As more people receive all of their vaccinations, that also adds another layer of security. The majority of Hong Kong’s populace is familiar with and receptive to the idea of wearing masks. Wearing a mask when feeling under the weather has become customary in the city because it is regarded as being courteous and respectful. If you were wearing a mask to protect others, nobody would object! Additionally, hand sanitizer is widely accessible and is present in the majority of public areas. Therefore, if you are worried about your health, you don’t need to be because the average Hong Konger has a strong sense of moral obligation to care for one another’s physical condition.


These are just a few reasons why you ought to think about moving your teaching career to Hong Kong in the future. You’ll experience a lot of changes in your life due to the abundance of things to do and see, and you’ll get the chance to learn about totally other cultures in a bustling metropolis abroad. Most importantly, there is always a great need for skilled teachers who are proficient in native-level English, therefore teaching positions are never in short supply in Hong Kong.