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Adobe After Effect

Adobe After Effects CodingClub Courses that use After Effects: Animation Effects and animation software What is it? Adobe After Effects is a unique program that lets the user add effects for your video or for animation. Which field uses After Effects? Many professional studios and content creators love using After Effects because of its power. […]


Zbrush CodingClub Courses that use Blender: 3D Animation 3D modeling and sculpting software What is it? Zbrush is a really fun and intuitive program thaw works a lot like digital clay that can be sculpted, painted and even 3D printed. Using a drawing tablet the users can move and manipulate their digital clay and using […]


Adobe Audition CodingClub Courses that use Animate: Podcasting Audio editing software What is it? Adobe Audition allows you to edit audio files and use them in your movies, or podcasts. This audio workstation allows for non-destructive mixing and editing. Which field uses Audition? Many audio engineers for movies or games use Adobe Audition and creators […]


Unity CodingClub Courses that use Unity: Game Dev, 3D Game making engine What is it? Unity is a free game engine that allows creators to make an amazing game at a fraction of the time creating a proprietary game engine would take. Which field uses Unity? Unity is used by many triple-A game studios to […]


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Blender CodingClub Courses that use Blender: Animation, 3D 3D animation software What is it? Blender is a free and ever-improving 3D animation program. Blender has many features that other 3D programs have, such as animating and lighting effects but has even added things like sculpting and 2D animation in it recently. Which field uses Blender? […]

Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro CodingClub Courses that use Premiere Pro: Video Production Video editing software What is it? Adobe Premiere Pro is a tool used to edit and produce videos. This software can add effects, music and sounds to your project to create a professional video. Which field uses Premiere Pro? Because of the versatility of […]


Adobe Animate CodingClub Courses that use Animate: Animation 2D animation software What is it? Adobe Animate is a software package that maintains many functions from an older software package called Macromedia Flash. This software, as the name implies, is specialised software that allows you to create animations.   Which field uses Animate? Many animation studios […]


Adobe Illustrator CodingClub Courses that use Illustrator: Animation, Digital Illustration 2D drawing software   What is it? This software is used to create high-resolution vector graphics and rasterised images.   Which field uses Illustrator? This program is often used in fields where the end product needs to be produced for the real world, like for […]


Adobe Photoshop CodingClub Courses that use Photoshop: Animation, Digital Illustration, Video Production 2D image editing software   What is it? Adobe Photoshop is a very versatile and remarkable program. Adobe Photoshop is used to create and edit images or photos.   Which field uses Photoshop? Most creative fields use Photoshop because of it’s wide arrangement […]