Skills Students Learn from Coding


“In his wonderful TED talk ” Let’s teach kids to code “, Scientist Mitch Resnick made this beautiful analogy :

Drawing on Mitch’s talk and a bunch of other online resources, we came up with this list of skills kids learn from coding. These abilities apply to all kinds of activities, including:

  1. It helps kids learn in real context
  2. It teaches them that learning is an active process and not a product
  3. It teaches them how to take difficult concepts and break them down into simpler parts
  4. It teaches them how to cooperate with others
  5. It also teaches them how to keep consistency and persevere in the face of frustration when things do not work well
  6. It teaches dedication and risk-taking
  7. It helps them become fluent with innovations and enables them to expand and express their ideas.
  8. It helps them be innovative
  9. It assists them to interact with the world around them