Science YouTube Channels For Kids


Learning science does not have to be difficult! Kids are natural hands-on learners, and they will love learning science when they see it applied in real-life situations. As a result, it’s critical to use movies and animated content to bring science to life and transform it into compelling learning opportunities both in and out of the classroom. As educators and teachers, we’ve seen how YouTube videos can turn dull classes into fun and interactive learning activities, especially when combined with other interactive tools like PlayPosit and Edpuzzle. For science teachers, YouTube has a wealth of educational video content that may be used in the classroom to help students study more effectively. In this post, let’s consider a list of some fantastic scientific YouTube channels that offer instructional information tailored to the needs of children and young learners.


SciShow Kids

SciShow Kids features science video content that encourages children to ask questions and seek answers in the field of science. Worms Are Wonderful, What Happens When a Seed Becomes a Plant? Thunder and Lightning: What Causes Them?, The 5 Fabulous Food Groups, Meat-eating Plants, How a Caterpillar Becomes a Butterfly, What Is a Hurricane, What Makes Bridges So Strong, and a variety of other topics are covered.


Nat Geo Kids

Nat Geo Kids offers instructional video content on a variety of subjects, including alligator facts, swimming with a little shark, valley of the wolves, pigeon brilliance, polar bears and how to save them, things to see under the water, hurricane facts, and more. Nat Geo Kids also has science activities for kids, such as how to make popcorn, how to make lava lamps, how to make 3D printers, how to make roller coasters, and more.


Ryan’s World

Join Ryan as he participates in instructive science experiments and DIY arts & crafts. How to Make Slime, How Tsunamis Form, Top Easy Scientific Experiments for Kids, Spin the Mystery Wheel Challenge, Physical vs Chemical Changes, and many more are among Ryan’s most popular science experiments.


Mystery Doug

Mystery Doug’s purpose is to share instructional video content that piques learners’ interest and encourages them to ask questions. The channel features videos based on real-world student questions. What’s Worse: A Hurricane or a Tornado, How Is Gold Made, Could a Turtle Lie Outside Its Shell, What’s the Biggest Number, How Deep Does the Ocean Go, Why Do Different Places Have Different Times, Why Do Owls Say Hoo and many other topics are covered in a sample of its most popular videos.


Fun Science

Through step-by-step tutorials, Fun Science takes you on a fun and exciting journey to explore the world of science, uncover fantastic science concepts, and learn new crafts and lifehacks. While the channel caters to a wide range of ages, it also has playlists with films tailored exclusively for children. Experiment for Kids, Play with Kids, Drawing for Kids, and many more are among the playlists available.


Design Squad Global

WGBH Boston produces Design Squad Global, which is part of PBS KIDS. It offers thought-provoking movies that teach kids, particularly middle school students, about a variety of science and engineering ideas. “Kid engineers and hosts Deysi and Nate draw on their experiences to refute myths about engineering and motivate kids to study engineering,” according to the channel’s description. Kid Engineer: 3D-Printed Hand, Daddy Engineer: Outdoor Play Sink, Balloon Joust, Robot Wheel, and others are some of the most popular items on the site. Build: Bicycle Balance, Triangle Strong Structures, What is Sewing, Recycled Material Boats, and many more.


Science Buddies

Science Buddies provides educational video content that is appropriate for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) projects. Science Buddies has you covered whether you’re looking for a terrific science fair project, a quick STEM activity, or an NGSS-aligned science lesson plan for the classroom. How to Be a Breadboard, How to Make an Anemometer, How to Build a Simple Electric Motor, How to Build an Infinity Mirror, How to Build an ArtBot, How to Make a Paper Airplane Launcher, How to Make a Balloon Car, and many more are among the most popular videos on the site.