Reasons I’m Excited About The Future Of Engineering

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Reasons I’m Excited About The Future Of Engineering

We’ll have smaller portions and be a lot healthier

I’m excited about the future of engineering because we’ll have smaller portions and be a lot healthier.

We’ve been eating larger portions for decades, but now that we can make food that’s more satisfying than ever before, it’s time to change things up. Soon, you might find yourself asking for smaller plates at restaurants or even making your own meals with less volume. This will help you feel satisfied with fewer calories and make healthier food choices in general.

I’ll have a robot butler

You’re probably wondering why I’m so excited about the future of engineering. Well, one reason is because of all of the cool stuff that’s going to be invented. One such example is a robot butler. This device will be able to do things like cook your food and clean your house, but it can also play music and answer questions as well. It’ll have an intelligent personality as well—kinda like Siri but more personable than artificial intelligence has been thus far (and more capable). The robot butler will also be able to do things like laundry or dishes for you when you’re too busy with work or schoolwork to do them yourself!

I’ll be able to control the climate in my house

You could turn on the AC, make sure the temperature is at a comfortable level and then let your smart home do its thing. It will adjust itself so that you don’t have to worry about it again for a long time!

But that’s not all. You can also control humidity, air quality and even the airflow of your room (i.e., where does it come from). Once again, these are all achieved by setting up an automated system so that everything runs smoothly without your input necessary—until someone wants to change something, of course!

I’ll have a jetpack

I want a jetpack because it will allow me to travel the world quickly. There are so many places that I would like to see, and with my jetpack, I’ll be able to visit them all faster than ever before!

I would love it if there were some sort of teleportation device that allowed me to instantly transport myself from one place on Earth to another. This would make traveling easier, since I wouldn’t need flights or trains anymore—just push a button and voila! You’re in Italy!

On top of all this convenience and efficiency, a jetpack would also make air travel more fun for everyone involved: flight attendants won’t have such boring jobs anymore; pilots could be free from having to fly planes; passengers could sit back and enjoy the ride without worrying about turbulence or delays due to bad weather—it would be great!

My car will drive itself

Driverless cars are one of the most exciting developments in engineering. They will improve road safety, reduce congestion, make our cities more accessible for all people and improve the economy.

The first driverless car was invented in 1925 by a man named Charles Kettering who later became vice president of General Motors. He created an engine which used electronic ignition instead of a crank starter. The next step was to create an electric transmission that would allow cars to be driven without a driver at all!

This idea has been harnessed by many companies over the years but there have been problems along the way; mainly due to legal issues around liability if there is an accident or if someone steals your car while it’s driving itself (something we’re still working on solving).

I can become an astronaut

Being an astronaut is a dream job for many people, but it can be tough to get into. Luckily, there are many different ways that you can prepare yourself for becoming an astronaut!

  • Space camp: You might want to start by taking a space camp class or two. There are plenty of options available online or near you, so check out your local listings and find one that works with your schedule. Space camps teach basic skills like how to make origami cranes out of recycled materials while they’re in space (the astronauts need these as gifts!). They also teach students how to interact with animals on other planets (like cats) by showing off their own pets’ tricks!
  • Go back to school: If you don’t have enough time before launch day comes up, consider going back to school now instead of waiting until after launch day has passed. Most classes will help prepare them for their new careers as astronauts – whether that means learning about the history behind NASA’s missions over the past 50 years or studying up on what kinds of plants grow best in outer space! Some schools even offer special “astronaut preparation” courses where students go through survival training drills so they know what it feels like when something goes wrong during takeoff…

I can make anything in my garage with a 3D printer

You know that feeling you get when you’re stuck in traffic and think, “I could be at home right now, enjoying my life”? You’ll never have to feel that way again.

With 3D printing, we can make anything in our garage with a few clicks of a mouse. No more waiting in line at the hardware store for hours on end—just download the plans for whatever it is you need and print it out! That’s how 3D printers work: they build things layer by layer from thin sheets of plastic or other materials. These days there are even machines that can print food like pizzas and macaroni and cheese!

It gets better: if something happens where everyone needs supplies but stores are closed or people don’t have cars because their roads were washed away by floods (it happens), then all we need is power to our homes so we can use these amazing machines. And even if there aren’t any roads left anymore due to those same floods I mentioned earlier? Well then maybe some people will just stay put while others will use pedal-powered bikes instead of cars so they can get around town without having too much trouble finding food or goods needed during emergencies like these situations above would call for them.”

We’ll discover alien civilizations

If you’ve watched a science fiction movie in the past decade, you know that we have the technology to find aliens. We just need more time to develop it. NASA has already begun building its next generation of space telescopes and other instruments. These will be able to detect planets around distant stars and search for radio waves from intelligent civilizations on those planets—similar to how we’ve searched for radio waves from our own planet since 1901.

There are many reasons why finding alien life is important:

  • It would expand your worldview beyond Earth and make you realize that humans may not be that special after all;
  • It could lead us to understand our place in the universe better;
  • And most importantly, because I think it would be really cool!

We can live forever by uploading our brains to computers

You may have heard of the concept of mind uploading before. Mind uploading is a hypothetical process by which a human brain can be scanned, and their neural pathways can be converted to computer code. This would allow you to live forever as a digital copy of yourself in cyberspace, controlling a computer or even an entire robot body from afar.

While it may sound like science fiction at first blush, some experts believe that this is actually possible within our lifetime—and I agree with them! It’s an exciting time for engineering indeed!

There are so many great things on their way!

There are so many great things on their way, and I can’t wait to have them. For starters, we’ll be able to eat smaller portions of food. This will cut down on the amount of food that goes to waste. In addition, we’ll also be healthier and have fewer health problems caused by overeating or being overweight because we’re being more mindful about our diets.

Another thing that’s going to happen soon is that people will have robots as butlers in their homes! That means they won’t have to do any housework ever again – it’ll be done by a robot instead! Plus if someone comes over unexpectedly (like an old friend) then their robot butler could clean everything up before they get there without anyone noticing anything unusual at all!

I think another big thing coming soon are air conditioners for cars which allow drivers to control the climate inside their vehicle using an app on their phone or tablet device! They will no longer need windows open while driving around during hot weather because this new technology allows you full control over what temperature feels best for YOU personally rather than having everybody else dictating what temperature should be used throughout all vehicles everywhere regardless if every driver likes burning up himself/herself from within due [sic] heat waves coming off asphalt roads while driving down highway speeds when temperatures rise above 90 degrees Fahrenheit which can lead into dangerous situations if somebody doesn’t take action quickly enough.”