Learn To Code

Let’s take a time to reflect on how we have been learning, in addition to what we have been learning. Take it from Einstein: learning the appropriate method to think is more important than memorizing information. Of course, concentrating on developing your thinking helps you grow constantly and encourages adaptability to whatever changes a business […]

Functional Programming vs OOP

Procedural programming is the foundation of many popular programming languages, including C, FORTRAN, and Pascall. This method of programming makes use of procedure calls, where each procedure (such as a function or subroutine) consists of a series of to be completed computational stages. It is accessible and simple to comprehend, but as the code grows […]

Learn To Code : 5 Tips

It can take a lot of time to learn to code, especially if you want to become a software developer. After all, developing involves a wide range of technical abilities. Many schools now follow a full-time schedule to reflect this reality and hasten the learning process as coding boot camps have multiplied. But not everyone […]

R vs Python For Machine Learning

One of the most lucrative areas of software development today is machine learning (ML). That’s because the rapidly expanding discipline of data science makes extensive use of machine learning techniques. By analyzing and modeling vast volumes of data, data scientists, a branch of applied mathematics and statistics, can derive information that is helpful. Machine learning […]

Which Language Is Best for App Development?

There are several considerations to consider when you initially consider developing mobile applications. How should I learn to program in order to create apps? Should I focus on Android or iOS development? What distinguishes a native app from other kinds of apps? It may seem as though you have to choose a direction, choose which […]

What is Ruby and why should you learn it?

What is Ruby and why should you learn it? Introduction Ruby is an open source programming language that was created by Yukihiro Matsumoto in the 1990s. A global community of developers and users have since contributed to its development, with more than 100,000 Ruby applications available online. Today, Ruby is used by companies such as […]

Is it possible to make a game with Scratch? Part 2

The Code section The Code Tab saves all of the code blocks. Creators may add code blocks to their Sprites and backgrounds to make their sceneries more lively. Tab for Costumes You may create and change Scratch sprites and their outfits under the Costumes Tab. This is where you give your projects their names. Area […]

3 hottest and the best programming languages in Hong Kong right now

programming languages in Hong Kong

Every time a company launches an application, website, or mobile app, it’s going through a process. And all that comes in the form of coding. So, having an in-depth understanding of programming languages is necessary as it is important to have the proper syntax and grammar to execute these codes. In Hong Kong, the hottest […]

What’s the Difference between Deep Learning and Machine Learning?


Within the broad topic of artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning are two basic concepts. These two names are frequently used interchangeably, however they are not interchangeable. While machine learning and deep learning are both subsets of artificial intelligence, they have distinct advantages and disadvantages. We’re going to look at the distinctions between machine […]

Best Science Podcasts

science podcast

Podcasts (and audiobooks) are a game-changer when it comes to mobile learning or learning on the go. They give users access to a wealth of information that they can consume virtually anywhere and at any time. There are a lot of podcasts out there, which makes it difficult for an already overworked teacher to sift […]