Get Students Thinking About Their Own Learning

Students can establish increasingly challenging objectives and acquire self-regulation when they start to organize, monitor and assess their learning. As a special education teacher and K–12 tutor, I saw that kids were frequently instructed on what to study but were infrequently given instruction on how to do it, which might leave them feeling trapped, anxious, […]

5 Easy Summer Reading Tips

Summertime reading is crucial. It is summer, indeed! However, there are a few simple methods to incorporate summer reading. The dreaded “summer slide” phenomenon occurs in the summer when many students tend to forget a lot of what they learned throughout the academic year. While it may be tempting to let your children to unwind […]

Keep Your Kids Motivated In School

In an ideal world, kids’ motivation would come from inside (intrinsic motivation), but often it takes some encouragement to get them there, and the messages they hear at home can have a significant impact. Here are 5 things you can concentrate on to support your kid: 1. Display Your Value for Education to Your Children […]

10 Reasons Why School Uniforms Are A-OK

Students are expected to dress a certain way to go to school thanks to school uniforms. One of the reasons why school uniforms are still in use today is because they vary from school to school and provide kids with a sense of identity. There is an ongoing discussion on whether or not kids should […]

How To Discuss Report Cards

Report cards are due once again this year. Does your family discuss grades on a yearly basis? Do you evaluate final grades and recognize all of the accomplishments? Students and parents alike may become anxious and concerned when it comes time to talk about final results, especially if subpar marks are a worry. However, you […]

Essential Skills Successful Students Have

In order to succeed, students must possess the necessary skills. Children that have a solid foundation in life skills are driven, tenacious, self-assured, and successful. Children require more than just a caring and secure environment. To succeed in life, they must develop the necessary abilities. Children need moral integrity, social skills, self-awareness, mental toughness, and […]

Help Your Child Manage Stress

Children experience stress sometimes, just like adults do. Children’s sources of stress, however, may be different from adults. Changes in a child’s body, changes in their environment, discovering their identity and discovering duties and consequences are some common fundamental causes of stress. Children may experience stress due to feelings of abandonment, separation, instability, and vulnerability. […]

Communicating Effectively With Teenager

In a coffee cafe, a mother and daughter are conversing. All parents will eventually reach the time in their lives when their high school-aged children experience puberty and begin to distance themselves from them. Teenagers would avoid talking to their parents about everyday difficulties. But as a parent, you would want to be aware of […]

4 Rules To Study Abroad

The decision to send a child abroad is one that parents often make without giving it much thought. When my father sent me abroad, I don’t think he considered every aspect of my life there, including what I would need, how much money I would need, where I would live, and who would take care […]

12 Best Children’s Educational YouTube Channels


In today’s post, we’re going to show you some of the top YouTube channels for instructional video content tailored for children. These are channels that offer educational, interesting, and engaging information. Physics and science are covered, as well as DIY and craft projects. We encourage you to have a look at these and share them […]