Meet The Top 3 Hong Kong Robotics Companies

Hong Kong robotics companies

For the past several years, I’ve been keeping an eye on all of the coolest robotics companies around the world that are innovating with new products and services. Recently, I decided to do a review of some of the hottest robotics startups around. They are under 10 years old and are the most innovative. From my research and discussions I’ve come up with this list of the top 3 Hong Kong Robotics companies, you should know about.

Gray Orange

Gray Orange is a robotics technology company founded by Akash Gupta and Samay Kohli. They are headquartered in Hong Kong and have a second location in Mumbai, India. The company focuses on consumer goods manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, and retail e-commerce for both B2-B and B2C businesses.

The Gray Orange Butler’s job is to move inventory from warehouses to picking locations. It moves back and forth between fulfillment stations at high speeds, making it ideal for large distribution centers that ship millions of packages per year. It can also be used as a mobile storage system that brings inventory directly to workers rather than the other way around (think Amazon’s Kiva robots). The Butler has a payload capacity of 150kg with an adjustable tray height range of 690-1040mm so it can accommodate different sizes of goods.

Gray Orange’s Sorter was built as an automated product sorting system to improve efficiency at warehouses. The unit takes up less space than traditional conveyor belt sortation systems, reducing the width requirement by 20 percent compared to conventional sorters. It is more efficient too—moving 65 percent faster than other options while using 25 percent less energy during operation thanks to its low friction moving surface.


SenseTime was founded in 2014 and is headquartered in Hong Kong. It specializes in AI & machine learning research, computer vision, and deep learning. As a result of its work on human-computer interaction and other areas, SenseTime has become one of the world’s largest AI companies by valuation. It also happens to be the largest company specializing in facial recognition technology. Their clients include Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, UnionPay, Micron Technology, and others.

Facial recognition: By using a combination of unique face samples taken from different users at various angles with just their smartphone camera, SenseTime can identify almost any face from over 150 million people within one second with an accuracy rate of 99.8%, according to TNW. The system can also detect faces even when they’re partially obstructed or very small in size (like from a distance). This technology is used by law enforcement agencies throughout China to catch suspects who may have committed crimes such as theft or murder based on whether their faces match those seen during surveillance footage at crime scenes where perpetrators were captured briefly before fleeing the scene successfully avoiding being identified until now thanks so much again everyone again!


A robotics startup that’s been developing industrial robots for over 20 years.

DYNA has developed the most advanced robotic arm in the world, which has outperformed its competition by leaps and bounds since it was first introduced at CES back in 2007.

GE Healthcare is their biggest customer, buying some $100 million worth of DYNA robotics per year.

The company is currently working on several new products and innovations, including a new robotic arm that can do a 360-degree rotation with incredible accuracy and dexterity.

In conclusion, the 3 Hong Kong robotics companies have each made demands upon themselves to advance their limits by increasing investments in their technology and products. They have all reshaped the potential for robotics over the next five years. The three companies are great choices for any investor looking to find the next big thing in Hong Kong.

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