Learning Through a Pandemic: Bridging the Gap


If the last few months have taught us anything, it’s that the ability to adjust to new situations is critical to success.

“Change is the only constant in life. One’s ability to adapt to those changes will determine your success in life.” – Benjamin Franklin.


Adapting to Online Learning

Many schools had been considering online learning, but it wasn’t until COVID-19 sprung up that students, parents, and teachers were forced to rethink all they thought they knew about ‘learning.’

Students have perfected the art of checking in for Zoom sessions after months of practice, and teachers have mastered the art of keeping students engaged online. It didn’t happen overnight, but now that we have the advantage of hindsight, we can see how far we’ve come in the online learning area and how well it has served us and will continue to serve us.


Technological Advantages

In some instances, online learning provides advantages that traditional classroom settings do not, such as time and environment flexibility, the development of self-motivation abilities, and technical tools such as polls, breakout rooms, and material sharing.

Given the high value we place on technology (think STEM) and the significance it has for our students’ educational advancement, it’s been amazing to demonstrate to them how important and useful it has been, and continues to be, in our daily lives.

We all pulled together through a difficult time, and now we can confidently state that the global epidemic has had no impact on our pupils’ educational achievement. We were able to improve our online lesson capabilities, allowing us to keep our pupils on track with their assignments. We are confident in the quality of our online service, and we are always tweaking it to make it better.


Free Trials

We recognize that some students are unfamiliar with this approach of learning and that each student is unique and learns best in different ways. For this reason, we provide free trial classes for all of our courses. We’ve made provisions for a variety of arrangements, including individual one-on-one sessions and small group lessons. New students and parents can get a feel for how the classes work before determining which style is best for them.