Joint Lab On AI And Robotic Applications


The CAIR-HKPC Joint Laboratory was recently launched by the Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, Hong Kong Institute of Science & Innovation, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAIR), and the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) (Joint Lab).


The Joint Lab will take advantage of the expertise of the two organizations to create creative answers for businesses and institutions while assisting businesses in overcoming the obstacles that arise when implementing robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The Lab will support smart manufacturing, facilitate industrial transformation and up-gradation in Hong Kong, and boost the momentum of a thriving I&T sector to serve as a new growth engine for the city.


The Joint Lab is strategically positioned to act in concert with national-level policies in AI and robotics-related industries and fully tap the market potential of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area thanks to CAIR’s position as an R&D leader, HKPC’s expertise in the implementation of intelligent manufacturing, and their strong network with Hong Kong industry stakeholders.


Through collaborative R&D projects and exchange programs, the Joint Lab aims to strengthen relationships between business, academia, and research institutions, speed up the transfer of cutting-edge AI and robotics research, and foster the growth of associated sectors.


The Joint Lab will offer R&D and inventive applied technology solutions in fields like intelligent systems, intelligent equipment, intelligent robots, digital modeling and analysis technologies, as well as customized automatic equipment and advanced manufacturing solutions and intelligent product development services, while also taking into account the actual needs of businesses.


This combined lab between CAIR and a Hong Kong statutory organization is the first of its kind, with a clear emphasis on technology transfer and the uses of scientific and technological advances. The CAIR and HKPC Building will host the Joint Lab, which will advance collaboration in the following crucial areas:

Large-scale cross-modal pre-training AI models are being used by businesses and other organizations. Technology for human-computer interaction, such as image processing and the use of touch sensors in industrial settings and other organizations.


The CAIR-HKPC Joint Lab, which combines CAIR’s top-tier research capabilities with HKPC’s cutting-edge know-how and extensive experience in providing innovative solutions and applied technology services for Hong Kong businesses, fully embodies the strengths of both organizations, according to the director of CAIR and president of the Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences.


He continued, saying that CAIR would expand its research capabilities in ground-breaking areas like the fundamental theory of new-generation AI, new human-computer interaction technology, advanced health-oriented robotics technology, and cross-modal open-source AI platform technology as Hong Kong’s I&T sector continued to grow and gain momentum. The organization will also foster creative partnerships between business, academia, and research institutions.


In order to support more Hong Kong businesses in enhancing their competitiveness through innovative solutions, cutting-edge technology, talent development, and government funding, the HKPC Executive Director declared that the organization would focus on enhancing its core strengths. This would help to promote smart manufacturing and industrial transformation and upgrade in Hong Kong.


The Joint Lab will strengthen applied R&D collaboration, technological exchange, and talent development, strengthen I&T cooperation between Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland, encourage industrial upgrading in the Greater Bay Area, increase the talent pool in the area, and leverage Hong Kong’s distinct advantages to make sure the opportunities presented by the nation’s 14th Five-Year Plan and the Greater Bay Area are fully grasped in order to better integrate itself into the nation.