HKU To Set Up Tech Landmark


A $500 million donation from an international conglomerate and a $300 million grant from the Education and Charity Fund of a Hong Kong-based company were both made to the University of Hong Kong (HKU) by steadfast supporters. The money will help build Tech Landmark, the organization’s headquarters for HKU InnoTech. In order to improve Hong Kong and Asia’s long-term competitiveness in the field of new technology, HKU has laid out its 111th-anniversary plan.

As a result of this dynamic initiative, the University will house 12 new institutes with cutting-edge infrastructure, dedicated to strategic research, and a strong focus on interdisciplinary studies, such as global poverty mitigation, geriatric science and gerontechnology, materials and energy, materials and energy, quantum science, materials and energy, smart cities, and biomedical engineering. It is anticipated that knowledge of these new sectors will aid in resolving difficulties affecting humanity. The planned completion date for Tech Landmark, which consists of three towers with a combined floor space of 45,000 sqm, is late 2024.

The HKU President and Vice-Chancellor expressed gratitude to the donors for their assistance in making the university’s vision a reality. On the occasion of The University of Hong Kong’s 111th anniversary, the conglomerate’s chairman sent their greetings and best wishes to the institution and all of its former and present students. He said that for over a century, the University has been the source of significant insights and discoveries that have improved society and that we now celebrate those accomplishments.

The company is happy to take part in this expansion and help the University as it continues to be a leader in the pursuit of innovative and creative science and technology as well as serving as a hub for the development of friendship, compassion, cooperation, and peace, he said. The HKU Tech Landmark is slated to develop into a vibrant, globally significant community at the forefront of cutting-edge research in science and technologies, where the best minds in the world will assemble in active exchanges and collaborations, according to the Chairman of the second donating partner.

It will be a stakeholder, partner, and research ecosystem, unlike anything we have ever seen. Being at the beginning of something so innovative is thrilling. Working closely together, he continued, will result in breakthroughs that will benefit everyone inexorably.


The InnoTech headquarters is a Tech Landmark.

The University’s upcoming main construction project will be the four-tower Tech Landmark complex. The Tech Landmark, which is scheduled to open in 2024, will open up new possibilities for HKU as it enters its second century. The 12 institutes housed in the Tech Landmark will operate as national platforms with a reach throughout the globe. The first to be announced was the Lee Shau Kee Institute of the Mind.

The Tech Landmark, a four-tower complex, will be constructed to accommodate new institutes for multidisciplinary research and cutting-edge subjects like biomedical engineering, quantum science, smart materials, and artificial intelligence (AI). The building will act as a focal point for creative thinking, education, research, and entrepreneurship.

Additionally, the University will increase its support for present talent while also attracting outstanding academics from around the globe. These initiatives will support HKU’s positioning as a global leader looking for solutions to global issues.