10 Useful High School Math Apps

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Are you struggling to enjoy math? What if there’s an app that could help you in your learning journey? Consider some of the top math apps for high school students in the list below. These are based on the  popularity of the apps among instructors and students, app ratings in the App Store, usefulness and […]

Science YouTube Channels For Kids


Learning science does not have to be difficult! Kids are natural hands-on learners, and they will love learning science when they see it applied in real-life situations. As a result, it’s critical to use movies and animated content to bring science to life and transform it into compelling learning opportunities both in and out of […]

Hong Kong International Schools’ Competitive Environment

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When you ask most expat parents in Hong Kong about school admissions, you’ll hear words like “very competitive,” “stressful,” and “a lot of pressure.” The demand for foreign curriculum and the high demand placed on the private education sector is the reasons why schooling in Hong Kong has earned a reputation for being difficult. Hong […]

The Ultimate Guide to the AP Computer Science A Exam

The Ultimate Guide to the AP Computer Science A Exam

The AP Computer Science A exam is one of the most popular self-study tests among APs. Despite the large number of students who register for the class, this exam is well-suited for self-study due to its substantial emphasis on coding and highly specific theory. Students who enjoy creating code and who perform well on their […]

What are the Applications of Complex Numbers in the Real World

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Our students come to HKCC to learn about the curriculums we offer, but they leave with much more than just that. They develop the skills they’ll need to fully appreciate the world around them. This is true for all of the courses available, including some that appear difficult to apply in the real world, such […]

Benefits of International Schools

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In Hong Kong, international schools are quite popular. Students and their parents are drawn to these schools for a variety of reasons, including their intriguing curricula. HKCC encourages students to embrace a multicultural world by supporting educational adjustments that promote a globalized culture. We believe that this teaches kids far more than what is taught […]

Two Excellent Periodic Table Apps for Learners

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Students might benefit from periodic tables as learning aids. They provide chemical element information in the form of a tabular display. These elements are arranged according to their atomic numbers “from hydrogen, which has the lowest atomic number, to oganesson, which has the greatest atomic number. The number of protons in the nucleus of an […]

Writing and Speaking: Helpful Hints

Do you want to improve your English but don’t know where to begin? We have tips and ideas on how to enhance your speaking and writing in your target language here at HKCC. You can only go so far with hard effort and repetition. You must adapt and attempt a few various things in order […]

Going to Secondary School in Reality


You must be ecstatic to be starting secondary school. You are no longer a child, but neither are you an adult. You are a young person. Most people will be apprehensive about such a significant change in their lives. Your professors and parents assured you that everything would be OK, but is it? Here’s some […]

5 Ways to Become a More Successful Mathematical Learner


Mathematics is a subject that you must learn and will not be able to escape. You may find it appealing and intriguing, but you may also find it to be a mess and despise it. You know you’re going to spend a lot of time on calculations when teachers talk about numbers, symbols, and equations. […]