Create Your Own Website



If you are still hesitant about the notion of creating your own website, perhaps these 5 reasons can encourage you to stick with your goal. Spend some time comparing your social media marketing efforts to owning your own website. Discover the many advantages of having a website.


You are the only owner.

Yes, creating your own website and registering it under your name offers you full ownership, unlike other social media networks. You cannot claim ownership of the Facebook page you created since Facebook has the right to delete it, particularly if you have broken any of their existing terms and conditions relating to privacy.


Not every online user is an avid Facebook user.

You should also take into account the fact that not all online users are dependent on accessing and using Facebook. Some people are still content to spend quality time interacting physically and verbally with their close friends and family. There are people who think Facebook is too crowded and prefer to conduct their social networking on Twitter or Pinterest instead. If you’ve always used Facebook, it’s time to make room for other platforms that can help you advertise your company or reach a larger audience of potential customers.


Facebook’s rules are constantly changing.

Once more, there is an urgent issue that should make you think twice or more about how you use Facebook because its policies are always changing, especially for business owners who want to use this network as a component of their marketing strategy. Here are some of the modifications that most business owners and other marketers had to deal with:

  1. Business pages have replaced the term “fan pages,” which was previously used.
  2. The widgets that you might customize for your pages and eventually direct to your business are no longer available.
  3. The “landing page” where you may promote your company is likewise no longer available.
  4. You must now utilize an app if you want to run contests.
  5. Static HTML is no longer an option if you want to set your page with it.

I’m sure you see the picture well, and it serves no purpose to focus the majority of your online activity on this social networking site where what may be a huge success today may not mean anything in a few days. Instead, choose a new venue where your marketing strategy will be most successful.


Fewer people are seeing less of your “stuff”

If you just use Facebook to market your business, this is another drawback. Fewer individuals will have the opportunity to see all you want to offer to the end of your target audience because Facebook edge rank has the right to just show what they believe is your true worth.

Typically, Facebook users choose “individuals” over business pages.

It’s true that the majority of Facebook users won’t take the time to like a business page. They are more inclined to click the “like” button on an individual than a company name. Facebook has restrictions on what you can do in terms of your goals for business promotion, which is why you should use some of your skills and creativity to create your own website.


Key ideas to keep in mind:

Well, this article undoubtedly touched on a significant issue that has been taking up the majority of your time and attention. You actually have no control over how you use the Facebook site because their policies are constantly changing behind your back and without your knowledge. My final piece of advice is to focus the majority of your efforts on developing your own company website, which gives you the freedom and authority to implement any marketing strategy you choose. Try putting your website together. Hire a seasoned website developer if you don’t have any experience with web design.