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Functional Programming vs OOP

Procedural programming is the foundation of many popular programming languages, including C, FORTRAN, and Pascall. This method of programming makes use of procedure calls, where

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AI And The Future Of Work

Introduction Automation has long been a hot-button issue in the economy. As technologies like robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning become more advanced, the landscape

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Learn To Code : 5 Tips

It can take a lot of time to learn to code, especially if you want to become a software developer. After all, developing involves a

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R vs Python For Machine Learning

One of the most lucrative areas of software development today is machine learning (ML). That’s because the rapidly expanding discipline of data science makes extensive

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About HKCC

Hong Kong Coding Club is a social coding club for children, teenagers, and young adults who want to learn how to code. We’ve created a number of online coding challenges to help those who are new to coding get started.

We believe that everyone is proficient in at least one field. The goal is to recognize and capitalize on your skills. Assist your child in achieving his or her creative and technical goals.