Best Science Podcasts

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Podcasts (and audiobooks) are a game-changer when it comes to mobile learning or learning on the go. They give users access to a wealth of information that they can consume virtually anywhere and at any time. There are a lot of podcasts out there, which makes it difficult for an already overworked teacher to sift through them all to locate the ones that are relevant. I was the one who did the legwork!
I combed the internet and used my own digging tools to compile the list below for you. Teachers, students, and young learners will enjoy these science podcasts. The majority of these podcasts are presented or co-hosted by (science) teachers and educators, and they cover a wide range of science issues, from deforestation to the Cheetah’s super-speed secret. The goal is to foster a deep love for science and make scientific knowledge accessible to all.
These podcasts can be found on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcasting systems. You can even create and host your own podcasts as a teacher using a variety of tools. To learn more, look into educational podcasting.
Teaching Science in 3D
Teaching Science in 3D is a podcast created by Nicole and Erin, who share a passion for science education and the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The podcast, which began in 2019, offers a wide range of science topics with the goal of assisting teachers and educators in navigating the NGSS.
From the Episode Recaps tab, you can access more than 100 episodes. The importance of building relationships in the science classroom (episode 91), five easy strategies to improve scientific arguments (episode 78), using Science demos effectively for NGSS (episode 68), how to evaluate student learning (episode 11), and many other topics were covered by Erin and Nicole.
PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast
Chris (geology teacher) and Jesse (geoscience professor) talk about everything geology and earth science in this co-hosted podcast. The following are some of the subjects covered: Where Does the World’s Water Come From? Can Aliens See Us Because of the Greenhouse Effect? Are Continents Growing, and What is Geothermal Energy? What Do We Know About the Earth’s Interior? Is it possible for human noise to harm the environment? plus a lot more. PlanetGeo is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Amazon Music, Overcast, and a variety of other podcasting platforms.
Lab Out Loud
Dale Basler and Brian Bartel, two scientific teachers, co-host the podcast Lab Out Loud. Lab Out Loud delves into science pedagogy and science education both within and outside the classroom. Researchers, teachers, educators, scientists, writers, and others are among Dale and Brian’s podcast guests.
Using Phenomena to Help Students Explain the World, Code Breaking, Spy Hunting, and Other Stories of Women in STEM; Learning Science, Finding Joy at Home with Plants; and many more themes have been discussed in past episodes. Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Amazon Podcasts are just a few of the places where you can listen to the Lab Out Loud podcast.
Science in Between
Science in Between, unlike other podcasts, focuses on the vast topic of educational science. Science in Between, co-hosted by Scott McDonal (Penn State professor of science education) and Oliver Dreon (Millersville University of Pennsylvania professor of education and human services), explores how “science teaching can move between and connect different worlds – home and school, virtual and face-to-face, science, and the classroom.” Zoom Fatigue for Learners, Next Generation Science Standards, Pedagogical Content Knowledge, and many more topics was covered in prior episodes.
Tumble is a “kids’ science podcast.” Tumble, co-hosted by radio journalist Lindsay Patterson and music instructor Marshall Escamilla, brings science to life through fascinating interviews with scientists. The Great Seal Count, The Universe’s Biggest Space Telescope, and How to Be an Ocean Explorer are just a few of the topics explored. What If Fish Had Legs in the Search for Alien Viruses? Do Trees Fart When Music Meets Science? The Secret Senses of Plants, The Cheetah’s Super Speed, The Cheetah’s Secret Senses, The Cheetah’s Secret Senses, The Cheeta Discover the Wildlife of Your Own Backyard, The Girl Who Spoke Science, and a slew of more titles.
According to its creators, the StarTalk podcast is “With clarity, humor, and enthusiasm, he bridges the gap between science, pop culture, and comedy. We cover fascinating issues like space travel, extraterrestrial life, the Big Bang, the role of science in people’s lives, the future of our Earth and the environment, the science behind some of history’s most legendary sports plays, and breaking news from the universe through our different programs. For an audience of “all the folks who never realized how much they’d love learning about space and science,” as our host Neil deGrasse Tyson puts it, “everything under the sun; or perhaps under the universe!” Every week, comedy co-hosts, celebrities, and other special guests join Tyson and our other show hosts.”
Brains on
Brains On is a podcast aimed exclusively at children. it’s true “American Public Media’s science podcast for interested kids and adults. Each week, a new kid co-host joins Molly Bloom to uncover answers to listener-submitted curious questions about the world. Do dogs even realize they’re dogs? Alternatively, why do feet stink? We also have mystery sounds to guess, tunes to dance to, and a slew of statistics, all of which have been double-checked by specialists.”
The Earth Rangers Podcast
This podcast, hosted by Emma, a wildlife scientist, offers engaging educational information to help children explore the wonders of nature. “Earth Rangers is a children’s conservation group dedicated to educating children and their families about biodiversity, encouraging them to adopt sustainable behaviors, and empowering them to take direct action in saving animals and their habitats.”
Wow in the World
Another fantastic podcast for children and young students. Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz host Wow in the World “offer stories about the newest science, technology, and innovation developments. Stories that inspire hope, empower children, and make us all say “WOW!”
The Show About Science
“The Show About Science, which Nate started when he was five years old, is a fantastic journey through the fascinating realm of scientific inquiry and discoveries! Nate has loaded each episode with fascinating material from scientists and educators from all across the world for the past four years. Nate and his guests discuss everything from chemistry to climate change, extraterrestrials to human brains, and bat biology to human brains “
The Naked Scientist
The Naked Scientist is a website run by a collection of professionals and scientists. It includes podcasts, essays, experiments, interviews with scientists and experts, and solutions to science questions, among other things. Biology, chemistry, earth science, engineering, life, medicine, physics, space, and technology are all covered by The Naked Scientist.