Best Origami Apps for Kids and Students


Paper is folded into ornamental patterns and figures to create origami, an old Japanese art form. The goal of origami is to stimulate the brain’s cognitive abilities so that it may engage in creative meaning-making activities in addition to producing beautiful designs. Actually, in addition to occupying restless children, constructing origami provides a number of cognitive advantages for children, including aiding in the development of their “logical skills, attention span, spatial thinking, and fine motor skills.”

Top Apps for Origami for Children and Students.

The goal of today’s post is to give you a carefully curated list of some of the origami applications that, in my opinion, are the best available. The applications offer a wide range of video tutorials, step-by-step guides, visual representations, and a ton of advice to teach kids and origami enthusiasts the craft of crafting beautiful works of art out of paper. I suggest this selection of drawing applications for those of you interested in teaching drawing to children.


1. How to Make Origami

With the use of step-by-step instructions, origami films, and 3D animations, the How to Make Origami app teaches children the craft of making origami. Over 80 classic origami patterns, including the crane, flower, rose, lily, jumping frog, rabbit, pigeon, duck, dinosaur, and more, are available for free download on the app.

2. Origami Easy Creator

To teach children and anybody else interested in the art of origami how to fold sheets and make wonderful works of art, Origami Easy Creator offers video tutorials. The software also features step-by-step 3D instructions to make it easier to create origami artwork. “There are several degrees of difficulty.” You are free to move at your own pace from simple to complex figures.

3. WWF Together

Interactive tales of threatened species like pandas, tigers, polar bears, sea turtles, and more may be found on WWF Together. Each animal has an origami that may be folded up and used in pictures that are shared with others. Additionally, the app provides a wealth of information and resources about animals, conversations, and news about wildlife, as well as “films and image galleries, showcasing photos and downloadable wallpapers by renowned environmental photographer Morten Koldby.”

4. Origami Paper SnipSnap

Another excellent origami program that enables users to make stunning origami paper cutouts is Origami Paper SnipSnap. The choice for users is to either make their own origami paper cut out or trace from the assortment of already-made models offered by other users. Origami Paper SnipSnap has a number of features, such as multiple folding options (such as 2-fold, 4-fold, and 12-fold), 16 different colors of origami paper, and several categories (such as flowers, cars, food, animals, people, buildings, clothing, etc.), and more. Additionally, the advertisement includes a useful feature that allows users to animate their paper cutout by “making it spin, disperse, shoot up like a firework, and more”!

5. Origami Dinosaurs And Dragons

To assist users in making paper-based origami dinosaurs and dragons, Origami Dinosaurs And Dragons provides a vast array of lessons and tutorials. More specifically, users will have access to tutorials for making origami sea dragons, dragons with wings, Zaurolofs, Stegosauruses, Ceratopses, and other animals.

6. Origami – Fold & Learn

Another useful software for learning how to make different origami designs is called Origami – Fold & Learn. To help you create more than 36 origami shapes, the app contains thorough instructions and comprehensive diagrams. Each sort of origami fold is demonstrated in a detailed, visual manual that is already included in the app. The software also offers folding instructions and methods for both novice and experienced origami makers.

7. Origami Flowers

As the name suggests, Origami Flowers shows you how to fold paper into amazing floral designs. The program features 15 different flower shapes, including tulip, lily, bellflower, and cherry blossom. Origami Flowers also includes step-by-step instructions, explanatory photographs, diagrams, and other resources to help users as they build their own work of art, just like its sister software Origami Fold & Learn does.