Top 10 ways Legos Are Educational for Your Child

Why Kids Learn with Lego’s Any doctor or teacher will tell you that play is the most effective way for children to learn. Play is the ideal approach to introduce kids to individual and societal concepts because they have short attention spans and patience. That is why Legos are such a useful educational tool. Legos […]

AI for beginners

What is artificial intelligence (AI)? Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a machine’s ability to execute cognitive processes similar to those performed by humans, such as perceiving, learning, thinking, and solving problems. The human level in teams of logic, speaking, and vision is the standard for AI. Introduction to AI Levels Narrow AI: When a machine can […]

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is one of the most popular technology fads right now, and it’ll only become more popular as AR-capable smartphones and other devices become more widely available. AR allowed us to view the real-world environment right in front of us—trees swaying in the park, dogs chasing balls, children playing soccer—with a digital augmentation […]

Best digital animation softwares

What is Animation Software? Animators employ animation software to produce motion graphics on a frame-by-frame basis. Motion graphics are utilized in video games and animated films by combining individual frames. We use animation in almost every aspect of our lives. Animation software is used in everything from sending GIFs to making presentations to making video […]

The Ultimate Guide to the AP Computer Science A Exam

The Ultimate Guide to the AP Computer Science A Exam

The AP Computer Science A exam is one of the most popular self-study tests among APs. Despite the large number of students who register for the class, this exam is well-suited for self-study due to its substantial emphasis on coding and highly specific theory. Students who enjoy creating code and who perform well on their […]

Machine Learning: 6 Real-World Examples

Machine learning is a modern innovation that has improved numerous industrial, professional, and personal activities. It’s a subset of AI that uses statistical approaches to develop intelligent computer systems that learn from databases. Machine learning can use all client data. It works as programmed while adapting to new situations. Algorithms adapt to data, producing unexpected […]

How To Start Coding : Beginner’s Guide

Do you have your heart set on becoming a programmer? Then you’re probably wondering how to get started with coding. Competing against experts can be intimidating, but we all have to start somewhere. And don’t worry if you don’t know where to start: if you’re having trouble distinguishing between PHP and JavaScripts, or web hosting […]

5 Best Universities for Computer Science

5 Best Universities for Computer Science

Have you ever wondered what the top five universities in the world are? We have  created a list of the most sought-after colleges in the world that provide the top Computer Science program in the world using data from QS World University Rankings: 1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA The Massachusetts Institute of Technology […]

Is Scratch Educational for Kids?


Finding an app that is both entertaining and informative, as well as appealing to your children, may be difficult – especially if the subject involves programming. The Scratch app, on the other hand, has succeeded to bridge that gap, and we now offer lessons on it because of its ease of use for kids. However, […]

Javascript VS Python


What is JavaScript? JavaScript is a scripting language for building dynamic web pages. It adheres to client-side programming principles, which means it operates in the user’s web browser without requiring any resources from the webserver. Other technologies, such as REST APIs, XML, and others, can also be used with JavaScript. Nowadays, JavaScript incorporates technologies such […]