AI Business School 2.0

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Extended cooperation for Hong Kong’s first MBA elective with an AI curriculum was announced by the School of Business and Management of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST Business School) and the Hong Kong division of a global IT giant.

The way that businesses operate is changing and being shaped by artificial intelligence (AI). AI talent is still in great demand in Asia as the rate of implementation of AI across business disciplines continues to increase. Over 130 MBA and MSc students have taken the AI-centric elective since it was made available to HKUST students as part of the Global AI Business School Initiative back in the spring of 2020. These graduates are now prepared for an AI future and are more knowledgeable about various technological advancements that can enhance corporate decisions, procedures, and productivity.

The two sides’ improved cooperation goes beyond AI upskilling to provide business executives, organizations, and young talent with crucial strategies and information on in-demand technologies like Big Data and Cloud Computing. Additionally, the two parties will work together on academic research, the creation of business cases, professional training, and curricular integrations.



Extended relationship to develop young talent and corporate leaders for the future

By utilizing the curriculum from the tech giant’s AI Business School to give the most recent ideas on AI transformation in business, HKUST Business School will continue to strengthen the AI-centric elective course in its MBA program as part of the AI Business School 2.0 relationship. Additionally, this business-focused course will be offered to HKUST MSc students, with future plans to expand to executive education.

The two will introduce an improved AI program on digital upskilling for about 150 students from all academic subjects in the future. The program will enable students to acquire role-based technological skills, knowledge, and industry-recognized certifications in AI, Big Data, and Cloud Computing by leveraging the curriculum on the tech company’s Learn online platform. It will also equip future-ready business talent with a deep understanding of cutting-edge technologies and their trends for their careers.

Technology plays a significant role in our daily lives, according to the general manager of the IT company’s Hong Kong and Macau division. As a result, digital skill sets have become just as crucial as linguistic skills. The goal of the organization is to provide individuals with the technological knowledge and abilities required to accomplish challenging objectives and build a more sustainable future. The company expressed its excitement in working with the HKUST Corporate School to help young people and business executives in Hong Kong reach their full potential and succeed in the AI era.


Empowering a business school that is AI-ready

The Dean of HKUST Business School noted that it is now becoming clear how AI and other essential technology can keep people linked and alter organizations to prosper in the “new normal.” The longstanding cooperation with the IT giant is entering a new stage of development because of common confidence in the potential of AI. It demonstrates the university’s dedication to producing tomorrow’s leaders while also pooling its resources and strengths to create research projects in the sectors of green finance and fintech as well as business cases.

With proactive industry assistance from the IT company, its key partners, and customers, as well as the winning companies from its most recent Excellence of Digital Transformation Recognition event, HKUST Business School, a significant research powerhouse in Asia, will create timely insights. The three businesses have expressed a desire to take part in HKUST Business School’s business case development on digital transformation, which will help pave the way for a future driven by AI and sustainability. In order to highlight Hong Kong’s achievement in business innovation, its best practices will be published in worldwide business case research publications.

The IT company’s Hong Kong division will also assist the HKUST Business School in adopting the company’s cutting-edge data analytics tools and platform, as well as providing pertinent research and survey papers.