New Applications for STEM Education


Are you looking for fresh ways to engage students in STEM education? Here are some new products that have been causing a stir in various STEM groups, ranging from fundamental arithmetic and engineering to hands-on electronics and robotics.


A fantastic math website for students that can be used on tablets, phones, and computers and evaluates over 1200 CCSS-aligned arithmetic skills.

Made with Code
This free resource, created by Google, strives to educate a wide audience through online activities, mentors, events, and more.

This do-it-yourself robotics kit is designed to appear and feel like a toy for youngsters as young as four years old.

In this do-it-yourself electronics kit, children as young as five play a modified Minecraft game that requires building things both virtually and physically.

Build your own laptop with this do-it-yourself computer kit, which includes 3D printing your own laptop casing and accessories.

STEM Tools You Must Have
Chris Beyerle, a new tech extension coach, curated this.

Apps in the STEM fields
Angie Bolster-Epps, a middle magnet school teacher, curated this one.