5 Engaging Games to Aid Students in Learning About Cultures Around the World

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Google Arts & Culture provides a wealth of educational tools to assist students learn about the world’s cultural diversity outside of the classroom. In this post, let’s focus on one method to improve children’s cultural literacy in educational technology: getting cultured through game-based learning.

Google Arts & Culture features a games section where students may learn about art and culture through five interactive games. Check them out and pass them on to your students and children.


1. What Came First

Students choose which comes first in this interactive game. The more quickly pupils respond, the more points they earn. Students are given two visual clues and instructed to choose the one that is older chronologically. Photographs of artists, architectural symbols, museums, innovators, and other visual stimuli are just a few examples. After selecting an answer, students can scroll down to read more about the visual prompts.


2. Puzzle Party

Students can solve creative jigsaw puzzles in teams or independently. They can choose from hundreds of artworks to play with. The procedure is straightforward: they  choose the artwork they want to play first. They can obtain more information about the artwork in Google Arts & Culture by clicking on ‘Learn More.’ They then decide whether they want to play the jigsaw puzzle game alone or with others. A unique code is generated for the latter option, which can be shared with others.


3. Art Coloring Book

Students color their way ‘across the palettes of iconic artworks’ in this game. To begin, students must first select an artwork, after which they must color and edit it using the available tools. They can then download their artwork or share it with others via social media or a generated link once it’s finished. Coloring books can also be printed so that students can work on them offline.


4. Cultural Crosswords

A word puzzle game that helps students improve their cultural literacy. Arts, Around the World, Science and Technology, Fashion, and Nature are the four primary genres of crosswords. Students have the option of playing crosswords from each of these categories or from the weekly crosswords section. They can click on Clues to begin filling in the crossword once they’ve chosen the crossword they want to play. When students click on a clue, they can go to Google Arts & Culture to learn more about it.


5. Visual Crosswords

Students can learn more about arts and culture through unexpected combinations in this game. For example, in order to understand more about Art Movements, students are given two columns and asked to drag artworks into boxes where the labels correspond. If they are unfamiliar with a piece of art, they can learn more about it by going to Google Arts and Culture.

What a learning adventure!