3 hottest and the best programming languages in Hong Kong right now

programming languages in Hong Kong

Every time a company launches an application, website, or mobile app, it’s going through a process. And all that comes in the form of coding. So, having an in-depth understanding of programming languages is necessary as it is important to have the proper syntax and grammar to execute these codes. In Hong Kong, the hottest programming languages are as follows:
Python, PHP, and Javascript

Hong Kong’s tech scene is buzzing!

There are more programmers than ever and the city’s creative coding boom is attracting startups and foreign big names for talent.

We scoured the internet, talked to the experts, and looked at some of Hong Kong’s codes.

Programmer languages are only a click away nowadays, thanks to the increasing popularity of online learning platforms like Coursera. It’s now possible to learn to code without getting out of bed.

But there may not be that many Hong Kong programmers. Even those from other regions with coding schools are coming to Hong Kong – like in the case of HCL. But, we found the city is one of the hottest in terms of the number of startups, web designers, frontend & backend developers, game developers, and so on.

From the numbers and the buzz, it’s clear that Hong Kong’s tech scene is only growing.

If you’re a developer, you no doubt have your ideas of what the best programming languages are. These days, you can find all sorts of coding tutorials, and some are even fun for kids. But, for a local, knowing which language is the best for a particular task can be tricky, especially since the coding landscape is as diverse as Hong Kong itself.

Here’s a round-up of the 10 hottest coding languages in Hong Kong right now.

1. Python

This is a very general-purpose language that is easy to use and powerful. Python is great for web and mobile apps, as well as data and scientific computing. You can also use it for games.

Pros: Fast to learn; easy to use; good for web development and mobile app development; popular in the academic world

2. PHP

The easiest scripting language around, PHP allows you to set up dynamic websites quite quickly. It also supports a large number of libraries. It is frequently used for website development including e-commerce and blogging. PHP is also used in a lot of game development.

Pros: Great for setting up dynamic websites; easy to learn; good for e-commerce and some forms of game development

3. JavaScript

A standard part of HTML these days, JavaScript helps develop user interfaces such as web apps and GUIs. It gives you great flexibility when trying to create things with the web.

This article discussed the 3 hottest programming languages in Hong Kong right now. If you’re looking to learn a new programming language or improve your skills in one of these languages, Hong Kong Coding Club can help. We offer a free trial so you can see if our classes are a good fit for you.